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Nicole Soomin Kim

Hey there!


I am an abstract watercolor artist and illustrator currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love expressing my inner world with colors and shapes in a meditative and soothing way. I am inspired by the pastel tones in the sky at sunset, the brightly colored wildflowers that thrive in the desert, and the colors that float around in my dreams.


I also love showing my outer world in the form of illustrations and sketch journaling. It is a record of my day to day events through drawing, painting, and a little bit of writing.This is inspired by my two children and four cats that I get to love, the food I eat, places I go, and the things I do in a day. It reminds me that my little life is beautiful and that I'm lucky to live it.

My passion is to share with others the things that have made me feel good inside and out. I lead art workshops centered around three main subjects: ​abstract watercolor painting inspired by nature, sketch journaling to record our surprisingly extraordinary day-to-day lives, and of course, watercolor painting basics. When I'm not teaching art, you'll find me teaching yoga.

My biggest hope is that I can help you to loosen up, relieve stress, experience flow, and express your truest self in a tangible and beautiful way. Thank you for being here! I look forward to connecting with you.

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